Keep your home naturally pest free.

It’s that bittersweet time of year. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, leaves are unfurling, and ants are invading your home. Try my frendly, inexpensive, non-toxic, and effective remedy. You’re welcome!

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My home is in a woodland in western Michigan. It’s full of wondrous life in every season. The natural beauty of flora and fauna does come with a few challenges that keep me aware of the delicate balance of this complex system. In my work and my daily life, I try to live in ways that maintain that equilibrium. Delicate fragrant wildflowers, nesting feathered friends, and mating butterflies spring to life after winter’s long cold nap. Of course, they all require those pesky-when-they’re-in-my-house insects. So after 10+ years in my woodland home, I’ve developed natural, inexpensive, and effective methods to keep the bugs out and alive!  After all, they are here for a reason, but I do not enjoy ants on my desk!  Try this super easy to mix up, works every time, household insect repellent.

Gather your three ingredients, that’s right, just three!

3 citrus fruits – lemons or limes, or…

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5 Keys to Great Movies and Great Rooms

I consider this a classic now since these design principles hold true on Oscar Sunday and every day. Incorporate these qualities in your home and live a rich, colorful, and winning life!

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Since it’s Oscar Sunday, I was pondering what makes great movies and how those qualities are shared by great rooms.  Of course movie preferences and design styles are subjective. But I think we can all agree on these 5 basic qualities.

dezeen_Jaffa-House-by-Pitsou-KedemCaptivating movies and intriguing spaces must have an engaging story.  The story can be subtle yet it must be interesting.  In this former factory now a home designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects, the tale is told through the arches and the thick walls of stone, clay, and shells. The simple modern furnishings integrate softly and place the story in modern times.

Parisienne charmer Classic movies have engaging characters that draw you in to their world.  Like films, stunning rooms are a blend of characters, some are the stars and others support the star, or even steal the show. Combined they create a rich tapestry with depth, color, and personality. In this…

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Birds do it… .

I spend an enormous amount of time pondering, researching, and implementing methods to make the buildings that we occupy beautiful and beneficial. It’s been my passion and the work of my adult life. Everyone wants to live and work in beautiful spaces, though to many it feels like an enormous challenge that’s not worth the effort. So I’m always thrilled when I find research that proves the power of nature, even if it’s not for humans, but our feathered friends. It is worth it and even small things make a difference.

Recently I came across an article describing how birds build their nests out of beneficial materials. These specifically selected natural materials boost growth and survival rates while they ward off pests and diseases. Starlings use aromatic plants, such as yarrow, whose substances build up the chicks’ immune systems while lowering their bacteria. Eagles use insect repelling plants, such as pine boughs, to build their nests, which lessen parasites and increase the number of eagles that fledge.

A starling gathering nesting materials. Photo © hedera.baltica / Flickr through a Creative Commons license

A starling gathering nesting materials. Photo © hedera.baltica / Flickr through a Creative Commons license

Now back to us humans! It certainly correlates that if we build our own nests homes out of beneficial natural materials, wouldn’t we be healthier? And as one of the lucky creatures able to feel joy, wouldn’t we be happier as well? To that goal, I give you my top 3 beauties with benefits that will clean your air, reduce toxins, balance humidity, and they’re pretty.

1…It is worth repeating! Start with plants, just one, then one in every room! Most of us aren’t planning to build a new home from scratch or undertake major remodeling. But all of us can afford a living, breathing, green plant. The psychological benefits of them directly connecting us to nature are undisputed. And all this is done while they filter the air. In fact, NASA did a study to determine which plants do the best job of removing indoor air pollutants in confined spaces, like say, a space station. Here’s a photographic summary of the plants NASA studied. There is a plant for every person on the planet, regardless of gardening ability or time. Click to choose yours from my top 5 easy to grow plants.

Blatant self promotion of my partner business, Global Gardens!

Blatant self promotion of my partner business, Global Gardens!

white space

2…It’s summer here in Michigan though that shouldn’t keep us away from wool. The structure of wool fibers is remarkable. Because of its insulating kinky fibers that trap air, wool feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That crazy quirky fiber also moderates moisture and balances the humidity of a space. It cleans the air by absorbing contaminants and binding them, forever, within its structure so you’ll never know they were there. And, yes, there’s more, it’s easy to clean because its scaly structure doesn’t allow soil and grime to penetrate!

Canopy wool rug by Angela Adams...swoon!

Canopy wool rug by Angela Adams…swoon!

white space3…Clay paint naturally cleans the air. It balances the overload of equipment (you know tablets, phones, TVs, laptops) through negative ions, just like those that are abundant in nature.  Pierce J. Howard, Ph.D., states that “negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. They may also protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation.”  Oh, and the static resistance of clay paint reduces the build-up of dust and allergens. Hmmmm, less house cleaning?

An artist’s studio enveloped in rich clay paint and designed by me!

white spaceWhen you’re making choices for your own nest, follow our feathered friends and go with nature. After all, birds do it…      For more beauties with benefits, follow my blog, twitter, and Like ImaginEco on facebook for daily design tips and inspiration.

Imagine the possibilities,


Happy Earth Day!

In honor of your tireless efforts to protect and nurture our shared home, today I’ll take you outside through my photos. Some of these are my favorites and others are most favored by you readers and followers. These represent the reasons that I do what I do. Thanks for joining me.

alluvial fan in Rocky Mountain National Park

Alluvial fan at Rocky Mountain National Park


Michigan woodland chandeliers

Nature’s chandeliers in my Michigan woodland

white space

Alaska summer

Summer in Denali National Park

white space

pileated woodpecker pair

Pileated woodpeckers in my Michigan woodland.

white space

ImaginEco newborn fawn

Fresh fawn on the steps outside my Michigan woodland home.

white space

ImaginEco May apple blossom

May apples in my Michigan woodland.

white space

cardinal and deer

And one of your most favored photos, woodland pals on a spring day.

white space

Happy Earth Day to each of you. Keep up the good work. Now reward yourself and get outside! Be sure to follow my blog, twitter, and Like ImaginEco on facebook for daily design tips and inspiration.

Imagine the possibilities,


Great design starts with balance…1.1.

This is the second in a series of posts about how to achieve balance in design. You’ve approached or been inside buildings that just don’t seem right. Perhaps it’s the proportions, or the colors, or the furnishings. Some times it’s easy to determine while other times it’s subtly awkward and you can’t quite pin point the issue.

Balance is an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Balance is equilibrium. Imagine a tall stack of books with small thin books at the base and thick coffee table art books at the top. It’s easy to see the imbalance and imagine it toppling over. Yet balance in architecture and interior design requires expertise to achieve.

In large scale 3-dimensional objects, imbalance can creep in quickly.  Follow classic traditional design and proportions and achieving harmonious and satisfying spaces is much more likely. Modern, informal design lends itself to freedom that can easily throw things off kilter. Yet this doesn’t mean that balance can’t be achieved without symmetry. It can and that’s often the tricky part. I see it on a daily basis and want to start with simple examples and build from there. And frankly, this is another of my pet peeves that’s very easy to remedy, so let’s start here!

Using multiple colors on your home’s exterior is admirable and refreshing. I live in Michigan where I thirst for the color palettes of tropical locales. Unfortunately, few of us are willing to go out on a limb and use colorful materials on our homes. For those who do, I say bravo! And with this tip, I hope more of you will feel armed with the proper tools to execute a colorful stunning home, outside and in.

This barn is rich in charm and character. The deep coffee tones enhance the caramel base, and vice versa. Yet the overall structure is top heavy. Now what would happen if you grounded the barn with the rich coffee tone and let the caramel color reach upward?

barn exterior balance (1)

Just that simple switch of color location makes a world of difference, creating a balanced structure with its weight set firmly on the ground. The caramel amplifies the beauty of the architectural details…it’s a win win.white space

I love this deep sea blue and the dove grey creates high contrast drama. Both colors were pulled directly from the stone accents. Yet something’s just a bit off here too. The upper level gets all of the attention but I have to believe the homeowners would prefer the front door was the focal point. And again it’s very top heavy.

home exterior after

By lowering the deep sea blue to the ground floor we’ve balanced the overall structure. The recessed entrance is now bright and attractive with the dove grey. And by mimicking the wooden bracket tone on the front door, the otherwise singular wood element is repeated and it oozes warmth. Of course, we blend the garage door color in to the design so that it’s not the center of attention.

white space

And finally, here’s a stunning modern home with a neutral but rich palette. It’s balanced by weight at the base and with a front door that sings!

mod home balanced color


Isn’t it remarkable how small decisions can have such a profound effect? Now go forth colorfully! Good design starts with prioritizing what’s important and keeping that in mind throughout the process to create harmony and balance. Read the first in this balance series then be sure to follow my blog, twitter, and Like ImaginEco on facebook for daily design tips and inspiration.

Imagine the possibilities,


The Real Cost of Home Improvement

Last week a gentleman called me to inquire about my design services for a home remodeling project he was planning. After discussing his needs and how I could help him make the project a reality, I asked if he could share his budget. I can tell you that it was terribly unrealistic, and unfortunately, this is often the case. Before you get in over your head or find out you can’t achieve all of your goals, let’s get down to business to find ways to help you establish realistic budgets for your home improvement projects.

The wealth of information available on design is a double-edged sword. Frankly, the projects you see on TV are often the stuff of fiction, low-cost and faster than humanly possible. I’d love to be able to source their materials at those costs and build out a project in three days, but that’s just not the real world. Online design magazines and bloggers create exquisite transformations with the click of a mouse. Yes, you can buy new pillows and lamps and feel the effect of these changes immediately. Yet the truth of these design matters is that the most successful and satisfying renovation projects require enormous amounts of planning, thousands of decisions, and a team of professionals whose experience will guide you through the known and even the unknowns that always pop up in renovations.

ImaginEco family kitchen dining remodel (1)-crop

Just a few of the 1000s of decisions that are made on a project!

START BY HIRING A PROFESSIONAL    A licensed architect, accredited interior designer, or licensed builder can assist you with cost ranges for your project scope, be it an addition or remodeling your kitchen or bath. Invest in a consultation with one of these professionals to see if you’re on the right path for your budget and expectations. If you decide to move forward, keep the design pro on board to save you time, money, and headaches. Design pros provide expertise in solutions and materials that usually exceed your expectations. And they present options of which you may not have been aware. Instead of spending weeks wondering if that wall is load-bearing or selecting a faucet or door knobs or grout, yes, all those fun things, your design pro will present a few options to which you can say, yes, yes, and thank you very much!

ESTABLISH AND STICK TO YOUR BUDGET    You must have a budget…period.  It’s the same as buying a car. You wouldn’t go to the car dealer without knowing what you want to spend and what you can afford. When my clients don’t have a budget, I present potential project budget numbers (for example, kitchen remodels average around $20,000 but the sky’s the limit) until I reach the number where they become uncomfortable. I call this their fall-on-the-floor number which allows us to discuss and pinpoint a realistic number that will build the project and to which they’re comfortable making a commitment to spend and proceed.

Throughout the design and build-out, you must stick to this number, the most difficult part of any project. In renovations, typically at least 10% of the project budget is set aside for unknown conditions that will be found and must be handled. So if your project budget is $50,000, at least $5,000 will be set aside for these unexpected conditions.

Wanting the best of every thing is a common trait. Select the best products that fit your current budget and provide the aesthetics, maintenance, and durability that suit your family. I want a Viking stove too and maybe some day I’ll have one! Also, avoid scope creep. It’s not a scary person but it’s just as frightening. Remodeling your bath may not mean you have the funds to remodel the kitchen too. Upgrading every item by $100 can add up very quickly.  Another benefit of working with a design pro is that they will assist you in this, including anticipating areas of work that may be outside of the project scope but will require work. For example, an open kitchen remodel will likely require fresh paint and perhaps flooring throughout the open area, not just in the kitchen.

Also consider the costs you’ll incur indirectly. For example, will you be able to stay in your home during the construction? Or will you have to pay for a short-term rental or hotel? If you’re remodeling the kitchen you may need to plan to dine out frequently.

ADDITIONAL COST INFO RESOURCES    Your location is an influential factor in material and labor costs. Costs in Michigan are not the same as in Alaska due to local labor rates and material availability. Here in Michigan, our contractors who rode out the 2008 financial crisis are busier than they’ve been in years, so planning your project early is key as well. If you’re doing the work or creating a budget yourself, enlist your local shops for flooring, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and window cost quotes.  There are thousands of online and print remodeling budget resources for you to peruse as you plan your project. Here are a few to get you started.

National Association of Home Builders has resources and will connect you to your local chapter. provides the average cost for 30 popular remodeling projects across the US and specifically by your broad geographic region. provides average costs for remodeling projects across the US and specifically by your city. is in-depth dependable cost data that is locally relevant, accurate and up-to-date, typically used by pros only but is available online.

I’d love to hear your design project stories and your questions are always welcome. What are your home design projects for 2016? Be sure to follow my blog, twitter, and Like ImaginEco on facebook for daily design tips and inspiration.

Imagine the possibilities,


Warm up your Home without Breaking the Bank

When it’s this cold outside, even the smallest things can make a big difference in your home’s comfort. Try these fast and easy methods to stay warm, after putting on a wool sweater and socks!

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It’s bitter cold here in Michigan now and I’m using all my tricks to stay warm in my home and home office. Of course, I want to save time, money, and the planet as much as you do. And I’m not going to take on any projects that require I work outside.  Try my tips that work every time and keep you inside!  Many of them cost nothing and the initial cost of others can be quickly repaid in energy savings and personal comfort.  Let’s start with no-cost and work up!

Switch your ceiling fan blades to rotate clockwise. This pushes warm air down to where you can enjoy it. Keep the fan on low so that it’s moving the warm air down without creating a nor’easter!

white space

Close the door on rooms that you rarely use. I do this in my own home. I close the guest room register nearly all…

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